Welcome to the Real Life!

Gambling Protest 002Alas, Second Life is not the “Internet” — not yet. Technically, from a legal point of view, it’s a service provided by a Californian company, even if well over 95% of its users are not in California. Still, since Linden Lab is bound to remain in San Francisco for quite a long time, they have no option but to comply with local, state, and federal laws.

They were clever and have postponed the inevitable for quite some time. In many cases they have discarded a lot of liability and responsibility here and there. They’re very likely wanting to apply for “carrier” status at some point in time — so that they can simply forfeit any responsibility and let people take it instead.

That ruse did not work out. The FBI was faster to interfere, and to make sure Linden Lab complies first with the local laws, and then applies for whatever non-liability status they might be able to apply for. LL was too slow.

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