Open Source Second Life – The Geeks Strike Back

Right now, obviously, don’t expect “miracles”. OS Grid allows you to have an avatar and talk to other people, and even IM them, but there is not much more to do beyond watching the landscape — which will also be free of prims, since OS Grid hasn’t implemented an asset server yet.

Also, the first question that everybody asks is “will I be able to connect my sim to Linden Lab’s grid?”. The answer, of course, is no. Linden Lab does not allow anyone to connect their own sims to their grid — something that will possibly change in 2009/2010, but not before — so basically this is just one separate grid which runs the same protocol as Second Life, but there is no way to get your inventory from LL’s servers and upload it to the OS Grid. At least — not yet!

So why would you use it? Right now, it’s very likely that you won’t; OS Grid is about at the same level of development as the LL grid was in, say, 2001 or so. But it has a huge advantage: more programmers than LL had back in 2001; a fully-developed open source client (so people can focus on the servers for now); and, of course, we all know what the final result is going to be! LL, back in 1999-2001, had no clear idea on how the grid would work in the future at all.

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