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Measuring Success Through Traffic

When writing previously on the subject, I commited an unfortunate mistake — I simply pointed out what was wrong with the current “popular” metrics, but gave no alternatives. Thus, in essence, the whole reasoning was flawed, and any critical reader of that article would immediately spot the weakness of the argument. Sure, we know that we can’t use a tool to measure apples with oranges. Granted, it’s not the best choice. But having no better alternative (and I certainly didn’t provide any!), what metrics should be applied? How do you know which are correct? And why should a set be better than another? (in essence the question is — how can we prove that a set of metrics is, indeed, better for getting a “feeling” of how Second Life is being used?)

Linden Lab nicely gave us traffic (formerly known as dwell). As mentioned before, it is calculated using an insanely complex formula. It was designed to be as little “gamed” as possible to allow Linden Lab to pay incentives to people creating nice buildings that attracted the attention of other residents. Yes, now you know why we have camping chairs and dance pads. They used to be even more widespread when the land owners got a nice weekly bonus in L$; still, since traffic will make your ads on the Search box be shown further up.

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