Open Second Life — The Roadmap?

Open Source InitiativeAlthough it doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us, Linden Lab has slowly gathering up momentum on their future development strategy for Second Life, which, as we all know, is making the whole code open source.

We know now that the major reason for doing so is not simply “being nice” (which they certainly are 🙂 ). The whole point is that Linden Lab is unable to hire the thousands of programmers it needs to make Second Life, as a product, do everything we wish. And I’m not simply talking about “fixing bugs” (which is always the first thing that everybody mentions) or “getting rid of lag” (which would be the second one!).

No, we’re in fact thinking way beyond these two things — which are short-term anyway — which is basically drafting the guidelines on how Second Life should evolve during the 2010s. In essence, planning for the future: thinking what Second Life is supposed to become in the next decade. And Linden Lab is being pretty open about it (pun intended).

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