Hell freezes over!

Hell freezes overNo, this is not about Europeans having now to pay Value Added Tax to Linden Lab — I’ve covered it on SLOG already — but something far more unexpected: Havok4 Is Here On The Beta Grid!

In a completely unexpected turn of events, it seems that a “secret team of Linden developers” have finally managed to change the server software to implement a much more recent version of Havok (it’s currently on 4.5, shortly launched before Intel bought the company that created Havok)

So why the big fuss? Well, over a year ago, Andrew Linden and his team, who have been trying to update Havok from the way-obsolete 1.0 version (which is what SL runs) for four whole years now, had one round of open discussion with the residents. He patiently explained that this was way more complex than they have ever dreamed about. In fact, over a year ago, they were on the fifth attempt to upgrade Havok to something more recent, and failing (once more).

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