The Most Re-Sold Media Story About Second Life®

He smiled, but was pretty confused. I explained more slowly: writing about the “imminent downfall” of Second Life is the best ever (re-)sold story about SL, and it would make him recurring money, since he could sell it over and over again in the next decade or so. After all, since 2004 at least, reporters have come out with this story in the media and always found an editor to keep writing about how SL will “finally disappear”. There is good money on that kind of story!

The journalist finally caught up with my sarcasm, but still remained polite. He insisted that “this was it”, ie. the ultimate end of SL, and that it was really over, although he appreciated a contrary view and any arguments why SL would still be around for a while. But he was pretty much convinced that it was really the end. He had “read all the signs”: SL is burning, and only ashes will remain — the End of The World As We Know It.

I patiently explained that these were exactly the arguments brought over and over again in the past few years. People always write the same thing: how the residents are really furious, how SL is unstable, how companies are unwilling to invest, how LL does not roll out new features, and so on. It’s always the same argument. Granted, the specifics might be different — and thus enabling journalists at least to make the article slightly interesting — but ultimately they’d boil down to the very same arguments. SL is still here. Some of those journalists moved elsewhere when their predictions did not become truth.

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