The Most Re-Sold Media Story About Second Life®

The world is burning! Again!Just the other day, when I was at a RL event featuring Second Life marginally, a bright young journalist came over to me and my business partner Eggy Lippmann. He had been around in SL for a few weeks and had chatted with people, and was looking for the “latest scoop” to write “something extraordinarily interesting” about Second Life to sell to his editor, and wanted to know if he could interview either of us.

We were naturally glad to hear the local media writing something “interesting” about SL and I briefly went through the next things to come out in SL: Havok 4, WindLight, the new Search, Mono. Or perhaps the latest batch of companies joining SL, like CNN? Since the CSI:NY episode didn’t come out in Portugal yet, that might be of some interest too. And if all else failed, we always have our many projects to talk about, like the Theatron 3 project or how a Danish company, Grundfos, is using SL to promote ecological education in Second Life, the many educational approaches using SL even around our place, or, well, how tiny companies in insignificant countries can actually expand their operations world-wide using Second Life. We were sure we could cook up something interesting on the spur of the moment.
As a matter of fact, though, he had already set his mind: he wanted to report how Second Life’s buzz and hype is dying, and how it’ll be all over in a few weeks or months, as the number of residents decline, technical difficulties increase, and companies abandon SL to look for something else to spend their marketing dollars. He already had someone to talk about the imminent downfall of SL and just wanted to have the optimist’s view to contrast. It was clear, however, what he was really going to write about.

I wasn’t in my best of moods — I had hardly recovered from a nasty cold, I was very tired due to the ongoing event, and still had to keep a bright smile in my lips. So instead of the usual arguments (“oh no, SL is blooming, it’s still growing, new companies are joining every day, new technology is being deployed, the economy is growing like crazy, and SL is even becoming more stable…”), I turned to sarcasm instead.

“Congratulations!” I said, with glee. “That’s a fantastic idea for an article! And the best thing is, you can resell it again every six months!”

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