Sitting down with flexiskirts [UPDATED]

Linden Lab sometimes comes up with clever things. In fact, flexible prims (“flexies”) was one of the most clever things ever done. We can’t live without them any more, and “Linden skirts” are completely out of fashion these days, so what can we do about it?

Well, a little-known trick is that flexies are not only affected by gravity, avatar movement, and wind. Unlike Linden skirts (which are, of course, not scriptable…) they can also be affected by a mysterious “force” as well — one that you can define either on the prims itself, or use scripting.

So here is the idea behind this concept: detect when the avatar is sitting down, and apply a force to the flexiprims so that they point forward (in the XY plane where your avatar is sitting). That way, they won’t “go through the chair”! You can adjust this force to make it look more or less natural; the prims are still flexi, so they’ll still move around with wind (if the force is not too strong), and they’ll continue to be affected by gravity a tiny bit, so they’ll bend from the point of origin (usually your waist), ie. they won’t look like solid planks 🙂

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