Heel sounds on your shoes

Well, what are “clicking heel sounds” anyway? Avatars already do a soft “bumping” sound when they walk on top of prims. This sometimes happens, sometimes not; I have never figured out when these sounds are called or not. It might also depend on the version of SL — like the foot shadows, this could be one of those things that get deleted by mistake on some versions, then appear again later, to disappear mysteriously again on subsequent versions. So, you can’t rely on them.

In any case, although you can change the sounds for “bumping” into items, feet attachments (also known as “prim shoes”) don’t seem to use these library sounds. For some reason. Perhaps they would be too annoying, I don’t know! In any case, the default ones are a “soft bump”, not sexy heel sounds. So… scripting to the rescue!

As I’m not a professional programmer, I hate to “reinvent the wheel”, and looked for something available on the LSL Wiki’s public function/script library. There was nothing there.

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