Electric Sheep Company To Change Core Business?

Taking that into account, let’s move to the next item on the list.

The Sheep are not a tiny nano-company any more (they’re larger today than LL was when I joined SL!). They do massive projects at long time scales — several months or years. They have huge customers with complex projects. They have hired some of the biggest names in content creation, software development, and event hosting in SL. And they’re hippy, trendy, chic, cool. All put together means that they were the first Metaverse Development Company that attracted a multi-million investment (from CBS), in what might become a trend in the near future, as more and more companies begin to come close to the Sheep’s own abilities and skills.

CBS, as a major investor in ESC, is very likely pulling the strings. They might have some indpendence when making daily decisions — ie. on whom to hire, or how to address a customer’s request — but when it comes to quarterly results, CBS will be on the listening end. And if they don’t like what they hear, they’ll demand either strong measures, or someone’s head. I can hardly imagine that CBS will be happy to see their investment go wasted.

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