[FIXED] HTML-on-a-prim becomes crash-sim-on-a-line-of-a-code

The reason for this post is that, however, something nasty crept in. Ordinal Malaprop, shortly after the 1.19.1 RC0 release, was complaining quite loudly on Twitter about the “utter lack of documentation”. A few of us Twitteratis thought she was overreacting — after all, the client-side of the new feature was pretty well documented, with Torley releasing three videos to explain how to set it up.

But Ordinal was referring to the LSL scripting side. Well, she was right — nothing was either on the LSL Wiki or the Second Life Wiki. I’ve gone in-world to start figuring out the settings for HTML-on-a-prim and documenting it (Jacek Antonelli did the same for the SL Wiki, which has a far weirder and more complex syntax). Satisfied, I started this morning to work on a “SL browser” 🙂 Actually, I’m reusing old code — I did a working prototype for HTML-on-a-prim using Quicktime streaming of server-generated images a few months ago 🙂 — so my first step was to start playing with the settings.

By mere chance, I thought I would tackle something that I hadn’t done before. My own code did not take into account that a page can be generated with “zillions of pixels” (specially true for blogs). LL happily added “size” as a feature, and you’ll be able to scroll things down like on a “normal” browser. So the first thing was to set the size on the Media settings.

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