[FIXED] HTML-on-a-prim becomes crash-sim-on-a-line-of-a-code

Watching HTML on a Prim at Simetria (100limite)

The good news is that we now have HTML-on-a-prim, with LL’s recent introduction of the Release Candidate for 1.19.1. It’s a long-awaited release — four years of waiting for Havok 4, and three years of waiting for HTML-on-a-prim — but last Friday LL rolled out a server upgrade that even allows the Early Adopters to have both things on the same sim! (the picture is from one of those Havok&HTML sims).

This is a “first release”… but it’s already amazing. Sure, the scrollbars don’t work yet — the Web page replaces a texture, like Quicktime streaming, and that texture is placed on a normal prim. You can’t click on links either. Still, Javascript and animated GIFs work well (or reasonably well), and although Flash is as yet unsupported, standard HTML as rendered by the Gecko/Mozilla engine (used by Firefox, Flock, Camino, and a plethora of other web browsers) works quite well.

I’m not going to list all the reasons why this is important, since I’ve done so thoroughly almost three years ago… feel free to check it out on my very early blog entries. The reasons remain the same after all this time spent waiting. They’re still valid ones. Only that nowadays SL is way more intensively used, and while on 2005 we would talk about “future classes held by colleges and training sessions by corporations might use this”, we have now thousands of professors in SL (the newly launched Second Life Education Blog has close to 5,000 registered users, all teachers) and dozens of thousands of students taking their classes in SL. So what was “speculation” in 2005 becomes “reality” in 2008, and HTML-on-a-prim will be heavilly used — probably way more than

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