Linden Lab® Becomes Virtual (Real?) Bank

And Linden Lab has “created” the most available, most used, most transacted micro-currency in history: the Linden dollar.

Put all of these together, and the result is obvious: Linden Lab applied for a license as a payment service… and it was granted! After all, they had all the items of the above list already, except for the license!

This now means that soon you will start to see websites allowing payments in L$, not unlike what the Electric Sheep Company tried to do with their OnRez Shop (selling real life goods using L$). But Linden Lab can go much further. They can beat PayPal and all other payment systems at their own game. You will be able to send L$ for payment for any good or service around the world — all you need is to register for an avatar. The APIs are all in place, and they’re so easy to use — as the spread of “virtual bankers” in SL showed.

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