Linden Lab® Becomes Virtual (Real?) Bank

[Sorry everybody, but this was (perhaps not obviously!) my April Fool’s joke! — Gwyn]

Linden Lab\'s Virtual Bank

Some of you might have heard my rants about the bad service provided by the ever-so-popular PayPal, to the extent that I start to believe some of these hate sites. After going through cancellation of my account, losing some money in a few transactions (actually, buying L$ on the LindeX), my frustration with how PayPal works has reached the bottom limit. Sure, it’s useful; sure, it’s used by 150 million users around the world in over a hundred countries; but isn’t there anything better?

I’ve tried several “payment gateways” (I’m still waiting for Google’s own system to be available in my country; seems that right now, only US, Canadian, and UK citizens can use it to provide services, although you can pay from any country) over the past few years, but still, I’m not happy.

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