Zen and The Art of Computer Maintenance

Gwyn typing on an iMac — of course! :)

Robert Pirsig‘s classical masterpiece on the philosophy of quality, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, written in 1974, opens up with a very interesting discussion. Bikers (allegedly) come in two types. One group is constantly fiddling and tweaking with their bikes — they enjoy as much tinkering with bikes as they actually love driving them. Both aspects are part of the overall “biker experience”. A true biker has to fully know how to tweak their machines to be able to enjoy the ride.

Other groups like the people from https://thegreatsetup.com/ , really thinks that “tinkering” should be done by specialists — the garage mechanics. When they wish to fully enjoy the glory of a ride, they wish their bike to be at top performance, a well-oiled and tuned machine, to give them maximum pleasure. They don’t have time to tweak with the bike, they want to ride it!

Both groups, of course, start from valid assumptions. Which one is right, which one is wrong?

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