The InterGrid and the Second Life Foundation

But just a year after the Roadmap was published, it’s quite clear that the industry doesn’t agree with that vision. Instead of an “unified metaverse”, they’re using the name ambiguously as a more fancy synonym of “virtual world”. The industry players wish to address a different target — games for teens — and are reluctant in accepting an “unified” environment. Each company wishes to have their own virtual universe and aggressively compete with the others.

Now, we can safely assume that all those companies have had market analysts and specialists who have told them where exactly to invest — clearly defining marketing targets where a profit is to be made. The Metaverse Roadmap — like so many other similar initiatives — is much more a “vision thing”: here is what we wish to do in the future, here is how we can achieve it. Both assumptions can work at odds with each other, and the result, of course, is that they won’t agree on the results.

There is, of course, an exception. And this is where our focus should be.

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