Iberian Virtual Presences

SEAT Dolce Vita

At this quiet corner of the world, projects from RL companies continue to enter the Second Life® world, no matter what. The gallery shown below the break comes from the launch of SEAT‘s virtual presence in SL, the leading Spanish car manufacturer, done by Spanish Metaverse Company Mosi Mosi in Barcelona; and from the Dolce Vita “Best Fashionable Avatar” Contest, sponsored by one of the leading shopping mall chains in Portugal (with several malls elsewhere in Europe too), done by Beta Technologies.

Both virtual presences, although technically quite different, have some common models. SEAT’s virtual presence takes into account that you can’t really do realistic race tracks in SL, due to lag and poor vehicle performance. Instead, Mosi Mosi proposes a “challenge”: you learn to drive your (virtual) SEAT by completing a track, step by step, and at the end, you get a copy of the SL vehicle. So it’s giving away a freebie, but you have to earn it, by having fun driving a car in SL.

Dolce Vita sponsored a regular “best avatar” contest. However, the way the €500 prize was awarded was also innovative. Candidates submitted their pictures for voting to an external website (that way, non-residents could vote as well) using the Snapshot-to-postcard feature of SL (similar to Snapzilla). You could vote on as many pictures you wished, so long as you were registered on the site with a valid email. The 10 most voted avatars would then be selected for the catwalk, posing in front of a jury, and getting a crash course in SL modelling by the leading fashionista and model Ana Lutetia.

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