The Sound of Music

Whatever the reason, RL companies are taking an interest. Public radio is continuing to set themselves up in SL. We saw Sony BMG and AOL selling music (and video) in SL last year. They were not the only ones. And I’m still eagerly waiting Apple to open iTunes inside SL — if they don’t, someone will do it! And, of course, we have vSide, a small VW which was created only for people to listen music together.

So there is something in the air… or perhaps on the audio streams 🙂 Perhaps unplanned, SL is showing how musicians can continue to make a living from their work as easily as before — and not worry at all that people copy their music over and over again. The new business models of sponsors and agents are well in place in SL. And the musicians are happy, and every day, a new one joins SL for professional work, and they are not going to leave, because they know they can reach an audience here.

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