Trademark Guidelines: Grace Period Finishes Today

In my mind, then, Linden Lab can be running their virtual world platform on the “Second Life Grid®” and we’ll use the “Second Life®” client to connect to it, but, well, nothing stops us from calling Our Virtual World something else entirely. I’ve suggested InterGrid.

How hard would it be to change the community’s name?

I think it would be quite hard. My estimates of the number of “concerned residents” — people that regularly read blogs, e-zines, forums, newsletters etc. about Second Life® — is about 100-200,000 users, not much more. The remaining million “active users” aren’t even aware of the trademark guidelines, they don’t read blogs. And the remaining 12 or 13 million “registered users” don’t even bother to log in regularly enough to know what’s going on. So perhaps only 1-2% of all residents get worried about the trademark issues — if at all. If they never used “SL” or “Second Life” in their products, services, workshops, seminars, business presentations, or anything they actively do in SL, they’re safe enough from the greedy claws of LL’s lawyers. And this means they can easily ignore what’s going on. They can still enjoy The Virtual World That Cannot Be Named™ without fear. And they’re the vast majority anyway.

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