Trademark Guidelines: Grace Period Finishes Today

WorryingSo you’re still using things like Second Life Herald or Sweet Second Life? Well, take care. Linden Lab’s “grace period” finishes today, as Tateru Nino kindly reminds us on her article on Massively.

The popular already switched their name to after an internal voting for new names. Other, undoubtely, will follow shortly — or face takedown notices from the nice lawyers of our beloved company that runs “our world”.

As Second Life® becomes much more “the platform” and not “the community of users using a virtual world”, I slowly start to agree with the suggestion of changing the name of the “community of users”. After all, Netscape, with far more users than Second Life®, changed the name to “Mozilla” in its newer incarnation as an open source product, and the best known browser using the Mozilla Foundation’s rendering engine is “Firefox” — although the engine is called “Gecko”, something nobody remembers. Apple’s Safari, a port of the Linux-originated Konqueror browser, is just Apple’s brand name of something plainly called “WebKit”, another name that says nothing…

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