Disrupting Second Life®, The Loco Pocos Way

What does it take to completely revamp Second Life® as an immersive platform that has little or nothing to do with the environments we’re used to see all around us? Well, the answer by Damien Fate and Washu Zebrastripe seems to be: not much, except for a lot of creativity and a huge amount of detailed, professional work.

So bear with me in this journey across the redefinition of what our favourite virtual world platform can magically do, if you just put enough work, love, and creativity into it!…

The arrival

Damien and Washu are over-5-year-old veterans of Second Life. They have done dramatic things as part of their work here — from the most astonishing scenarios and props for CSI:NY, launching the Mirada air brand, running the Hairspray sim, and doing a lot of professional work for Beta Technologies as well (Washu is our Creative Assistant and orders her hubby around 😉 ). So I’m constantly surrounded by their talent and creativity, and always amazed on how that pair can work so hard for so many hours per day, and still meet all their deadlines, and excel in everything they do. Everything they do in Second Life has this amazing “WOW!” factor, so I was only expecting the best from them.

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