Disrupting Second Life®, The Loco Pocos Way

The shop

Both Damien and Washu are not exactly newcomers to shopping in Second Life. Since the old Mirada days in the mainland, to their own sim at Hairspray, and to designing shops for both SL and RL clients, they have a pretty thorough knowledge on how a shop should look like in SL. For instance, from the Loco Pocos tinycam view, the shop seems huge… but that’s ok, since when a visitor first comes in, they’ll have a normal sized avatar, so the shop has to be easy to navigate!

The second issue is the detail in packaging and presentation. The avatars and accessories come inside little cute toy boxes — how appropriate! But there is a nice trick: before you can buy them, you can try clicking on buttons to preview the colours (and some effects) on each item. Very neat! Damien promises to release new items every week or so. A few, however, will be available as special and unique items that you can get only through solving puzzles…

The environment at Loco Pocos Island

Here is where the fun begins! The first generation of Tiny Avatars happened by chance and surprise, a shop start selling them in an obscure and remote part of the grid. It took some time (but not much!) until creators resized all their items, re-packaged them, and sold them at the “appropriate” size. This happened rather quickly, but then the question was: what to do with your tiny avatars? They couldn’t even sit on properly sized (ie. human sized) chairs, and there were no locations available to enjoy the pleasures of being a tiny. That came, in due time, while the fashion lasted.

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