The Mighty Linden Dollar

Thanks to Prokofy Neva, I read the interesting analysis on RightAsRain Rimbaud‘s blog (and the comments in it) about the state of the land crisis in the Second Life® world, and how strangely Linden Lab® reported a massive increase in land sales and income from land. RAR actually shows that the growth comes pretty close to a new island per new active user!

One thing that always worries me in SL is how few people are willing to spend money in SL, overall. They “expect” free things, and they expect other to work a lot to provide them with free things. It doesn’t matter if it’s land, objects, or services (ie. free music). They don’t want to pay, period.

Yesterday a PhD student asked me if I had by any chance a texture with an asterisk on it. I had none but I told him how it would be so very easy to create one. After my blabbering he explained that he obviously knew how to do a 128×128 texture with a big asterisk on it, but he had no money to upload it.

I was flabbergasted. This is a PhD student who probably earns more than I do, and certainly has less expenses. And we were discussing L$10 — a few cents (either in Euros or US$…). With some shame, he then confessed that he had no intention of getting a credit card just for SL, it was a hassle… and when I explained to him that there were quite a lot of alternatives (from international bank transfers to LL to local agents who accept domestic bank transfers) he was unaware of all that. Or perhaps… uninterested. It’s always safer to beg for someone else to upload a L$10 texture. As a matter of principle I did not send him the money over, and he wasn’t asking for it really, since begging for a few cents seemed ludicrous even to him.

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