A Touching Event

Here goes the scripts I’ve used. You should read something about how to map colours on top of a cube to understand how those textures were generated. I recommend the introduction to colours by Dan Short; from his site (looking at the HTML source 🙂 ) you can also easily retrieve the textures used in the video above and upload them to Second Life®.

So, log in to the Preview Grid, and create a simple cube, and link it to another object. The cube will be the root prim and will detect touch events, sending the appropriate colour to the second object, which will just set it to the colour selected. Thanks to the touch event, you can repeatedly send these messages, and thus smoothly change the other prim’s colour, resulting in a nice effect as it gradually changes to the colour you’ve chosen.

Smoothly? Oh yes! 🙂 Remember, this is all being compiled to Mono on the Preview Grid — so you get blindingly fast responsiveness 🙂

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