A Touching Event

My friend bucky Barkley just told me yesterday about an incredibly cool feature, that the ever-amazing Qarl Linden has been silently developing: getting the coordinates of the exact spot where you touch on a prim.

Why is this so cool? Well, it allows you to do very complex interfaces with just a handful of prims (or one single prim), and naturally enough, you can imagine how important this is to be able to do browsable HTML-on-a-prim.

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with one simple application as a demonstration: changing the colour of a prim by simply dragging with the mouse over a prim’s surface:


People like Timeless Prototype and Strife Onizuka have been all enthusiastic about this, since Qarl announced in March that he would be implementing this. Shortly thereafter, a Wiki page for comments has been set up by Qarl. The discussion there seemed not to gather much attention, so Qarl turned to the Public JIRA instead.

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