Linden Lab hires Frank Ambrose as Senior VP of Global Technology

Linden Lab’s latest hire, Frank Ambrose, is the Lab’s new Senior VP of Global Technology — he will be reporting to CEO Mark Kingdon, and will oversee the development of new processes, systems and tools to maximize the scalability of Second Life’s network architecture, leading initiatives to improve platform stability and user support.

Ambrose is a former AOL VP in the same area, where he worked for nine years developing the networking infrastructure to allow AOL to be the network giant it is today. Before that he worked at the network carrier MCI — together, he has 20 years of experience in deploying infrastructure to deal with very complex networking environments.

With this move we can see that Mark Kingdon is pretty serious about getting the grid stable. He didn’t hire a “technology visionary”, but an infrastructure expert — someone who knows what to deploy to get the required results: a grid operating flawlessly with at least 99.7% uptime.

Frank, we welcome you whole-heartedly! Your job won’t be easy, but after the challenges at AOL and MCI, I’m sure that the Second Life Grid will be a piece of cake…

(Full text of the press release is not yet at Linden Lab’s pressroom on the site, but you can get it from here; my thanks to Kristin Mitchell from Lewis PR for forwarding me the information)

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