Monomania starts!

So you’ve heard that Mono has arrived on the Main Grid and are eager to test it out, just to see how well it runs your scripts? Well, right now, you have two options: either test them out on the Preview Grid first, or wait for Linden Lab to bring out the next version of the SL client, which should be released in a few weeks as a “beta version”, and in a few months as the official client.

Sadly, for the impatient people like me, that’s simply too long to wait. I’ve tried Mono out with all my scripts on the Preview Grid; I know it works well; now it’s time to test them on the Main Grid, and flood it with Mono-recompiled scripts and get increased performance for all your users now, not in “several weeks”.

Since the Preview Grid Client flawlessly allows you to compile scripts to Mono (it’s done server-side anyway, unlike the current LSL2 Virtual Machine bytecode, which gets compiled on the viewer), why shouldn’t we use that client instead?…

Thanks to the tip by Tateru Nino, this is now perfectly possible:

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