Innovation Week, Internationalisation, And More Utterly Useless Devices

Incorporating the above ideas into a quick-and-dirty HUD (I’m not good on designing anything, much less HUDs…) allowed me to launch the first version of the GUUD Universal Translator, boasting over 70 possible languages (that’s 5000 translation pairs! — although obviously Google doesn’t support all of them. If you absolutely wish to translate Cherokee into Bengali, you’re not going to do be able to do that!). Oh, it does have some minor quirks (none of my Utterly Useless Devices are free of bugs!), and there is no provision for you to translate just some of the people instead of everybody, or have conversations in multiple languages simultaneously. Also, I haven’t used the “language detection” facility of Google yet (I need to keep some features to do on the next version!), so you’ll have to figure out first in what language people are speaking. And, as said, the results go from hilarious to offensive — that’s what you get from cheap, automated translation services 🙂

It’s definitely a first step if you’re addressing an international audience and wish to understand if your Philippine customer, who only speaks Tagalog, has returned to your shop to buy something else or demand a refund!

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