Stepping back from the analogue hole…

After some thoughts and careful re-reading of the comments both on my previous article and on the Public JIRA, I’ve decided to drop the issue, bury the article, and withdraw the proposal.

Why? The answer is pretty simple: a very strong reaction from the open source community with emphatic refusal to protect content in any way whatsoever, claiming “technical impossibilities”, and engaging in public humiliation of my own self with comments like the following:

If you fail to understand this, please, try studying encryption or network security overall. You’re missing a fairly basic thing.

Gosh, now that was a blow to my ego! I remember the Internet days before there was any concern on network security, and before people even thought of encrypting data channels, adding web-side and client-side digitally-signed certificates, or when even Certification Authorities (trusted third-parties validating digital certificates) were just science fiction. The days when network engineers talked to mathematicians to evaluate which encryption algorithms were mathematically sound enough to implement, and fast enough not to impact performance. That was decades ago. I was part of the process of seeing it all come together, slowly, over the years.

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