Wrong Answer, Mr M Linden

For some time now we’ve been sort of expecting with anticipation what M Linden’s style of management would be. One thing was sure: the old Tao of Linden (where developers would be pretty much allowed to do what they wished) would slowly be replaced by a goal-oriented strategy (in this case: “more stability” and “a better ‘first hour’ experience for new residents”), and the focus would switch from “making residents happy” to “make companies happy”. We’ve seen both happening in the past few months. It’ll be the work of several years, though, not just a few months.

But how would M Linden react to crisis? We’ve finally figured it out. And, sadly for all of us, the answer to a crisis was nothing we expected.

The Case of the Overused Openspace Sims

Becoming detectivesque in my approach, I picked up my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and took a critical eye to the whole openspace sim fiasco. Openspace sims, once called void sims, was an experiment in the early days of SL.

As you can see in the map to the right, these were “filler” sims to allow people to sail across the “inner sea” of the old mainland continents. Linden Lab had just upgraded their infrastructure to a newer generation of servers (I don’t remember if they had just upgraded to Class 3 servers) but they had a lot of old servers lying around.

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