Once Upon a Time

2.  When you do come in, don’t be afraid to say “No,” or “I’m busy,” or “I just popped in to do task x and then I gotta go” or let people know “hey, my kid’s smearing peanut butter on the walls, this has to wait until another time,” and then log out right then. Sometimes we get into SL so much that we forget that not everyone has several hours in a row of uninterrupted computer time, or that they just have other things they need to do. So help others understand that fact, and you’ll waste a lot less time chatting about things in OC or IM that waste your time and keep you from getting anything done. Again, Second Life is second, and when time is limited, don’t let people waste it. Say No. Or say “Poof.”  Whatever you gotta do.

3.  Go with your flow. Most interesting people have more things to do than time to do them. I don’t know how many people I know who tell me they have several unfinished projects on their plate, and I’m no different.  So just accept that you can’t do them all at once, and that to stay interested and refreshed, you might need to pause on one for a bit and work on another one. This will help avoid burnout, keep you interested and hopefully learning, and give you a variety of things to blog about. And isn’t that why you’re in SL? To blog? Ok, maybe not, but it won’t hurt your blogging if you have variety.

4.  Get downtime. I mean take time off, have a day or week or whatever when you don’t log in. That hardly sounds like good time management, it sounds more like a recipe for not getting things done. But in fact it IS valuable in time management, because without a refreshed, rested, interested, and peaceful mindset, you are going to be fighting your body and soul as you struggle on about your tasks in SL, and it’s going to make it a lot harder to get things done, and done right. Time off reminds you that you’re in SL by choice. Assuming you have a RL job, chances are you spend all day doing what others want you to do already, right? Why on earth would you then come home and put yourself into that same type of situation voluntarily for several more hours?  That’s a fast track to “what the hell am I doing?” territory.

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