Walking on a tight rope with the SL client

Imprudence is here. Oh yes, it’s Yet Another Second Life® Client, interestingly released a bit before Linden Lab announced a new Release Candidate for the “official” viewer (or, rather, they didn’t exactly announce it; we have to rely on old faithful Tateru Nino to fish the news for us and publish the release notes, since LL lately seems to “forget” to announce those things).

With a team lead by Jacek Antonelli, Imprudence has quite a different goal than the many other SL clients around there. Most focus on stability (from the days of the Nicholaz viewer and its many spin-offs) or sometimes on making the SL client a bit more useful (like perhaps the OnRez viewer, if you like their style).

Imprudence, like its name promises, has none to do with “stability” or “bug fixing” (although it does include most of the Nicholaz patches, as well as several bug fixes whose code was ages ago submitted to LL’s public JIRA but that LL never managed to incorporate into their viewer, for reasons unknown). It’s about bleeding edge technology, and a completely new user interface — one that is designed for veteran residents, not clueless newbies, who need powerful tools to build and programme in SL, not a crippled-down version.

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