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So, all in all, Spore is completely outside the scope of MMOGs or social virtual worlds like Second Life. It’s not a “threat” to either. It will hardly “steal” users from either — most will tinker a bit with the creature creator, finish Spore after 20 or 30 hours, and give it up. Sure, I can imagine that Will Wright comes out with Spore 2 or Spore Unleashed with even more missions and more attachments you can add to your cute lil’ critters but… what’s the point?

There might be a way Spore could cut into the MMOG market — by turning Spore into a real MMOG, where players actually compete against each other. However, if I were Will Wright, I would release two games and not a five-in-one-game. The first game would be a third-person-view based on the engine that runs on the Creature stage, and here players would compete — and collaborate — by handling small tribes. But each player would have their own “avatar” (and a host of NPCs) which would “evolve” as you complete tasks, quests, missions, and similar things. The engine is solid and the critter animations are cute enough to make you laugh for hours at a time — allowing people to create their own animations would, of course, be an extra bonus. And, of course, the ability to “craft” your own tools (for your tribe) based on skills and abilities would make it a good contender as an entry-level MMOG.

The Space game could evolve to become something like Entropia Universe, but… it’s really so different. I’d really drop the whole effort, it’s simply not fun and engaging enough.

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