Sporadic Entertainment

Designed by the master of game design, Spore would be massive. This was the only thing that speculators could say at that time. It would be the game to obliterate the memory of every other game out there. And after the launch of the Spore Creature Designer, it certainly seemed that the masses of players out there were eager to design their own content for Spore. And by all means 50 million designs uploaded to Sporepedia (at the date of this article) is impressive (half of those in the first few weeks), for something that only has three months (and it’s launch date, which was broadcasted all over the Internet, was even announced on the Second Life Educators mailing list 🙂 ).

But then the game was launched, and, well, suddenly the eagerness of the reviewers, critics, and hard-core gamers sort of died down. Like on the cartoon shown on XKCD above (thanks to SignpostMarv Martin for the link!), the cost of the game and the drama around the limitations of the number of times you could install it on your computer seemed to make players angry and refuse to buy a copy. Still, Spore managed a million sales in a week, and two millions by mid-November or so — not bad (at least the investment paid off!), and it might even beat The Sims with its 6 million copies sold, given enough time.

So Spore is definitely successful, the numbers don’t lie. But… will it really be the “SL killer” that so many predicted?

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