Lively Is Dead

Sad Bear by GoogleIt’s now official, and perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise for us Second Life® residents: after half a year of existence as a Beta product, Google decided to shut down Lively. People will still be able to enjoy it until the end of the month, then it’s gone.

It would be unfair to go “told you so!” on Google’s decision. I’m pretty sure that “certain companies” and anti-SL evangelists are gnawing at their nails in despair. I’m also sure that the doomsayers that proclaimed an era where Google’s Lively would totally push SL out of the virtual world history are now going “oops”.

Remember, Google is not perfect. They occasionally get things wrong. It’s interesting that on their Lively newsletter they claim “moove is the new meeting point for all Lively users”. Does that mean that Google is thinking of buying Moove? If so, that would at least be a wise move (pun intended): Moove is actually better than Google Lively. It has far nicer avatars (much closer to SL’s, and they can be personalised), user-generated content to keep everybody happy (yes, you can buy and sell it), around a million registered users, and a Web 2.0 “social site” not unlike Kaneva’s (although they seriously need to hire some good web designers). It’s been around for longer than Second Life (since 1997, in fact), and used to be very popular in Germany (Moove comes originally from Germany) but they also have offices in the US, and, strangely, a strong Portuguese-speaking community as well. And although it’s a Windows-only application, it works under emulation on a Mac or on Linux.

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