Remembering Kendra Bancroft/Maddie Joan Blaustein

“Maddie has been one of the oldest producers of high-quality 3D content in the virtual environment of Second Life. Due to her training as a professional photographer, and a very keen eye, she excels at producing very detailed replicas of complex models — of several sizes, from small props to large buildings and whole cities — and deploy them inside the Second Life platform. Her work is done unusually quick but with a high degree of accuracy. Unlike many similar creative designers, she’s even very willing to correct/change 3D models several months after they have been deployed. Besides her 3D modelling work, Maddie is also available to create a strategy for promotion of virtual presences inside Second Life, through her ability to create, host, and promote very lively events which attract a lot of visitors to a certain area. Combining both aspects — a marketing plan for promoting a venue, and building the venue itself — is something where Maddie has been quite successful and widely acclaimed, in the past three years that she has worked within Second Life.” October 2, 2007

Defining a person only by her work and professional attitude is not much, since Kendra was way more than that. But her fans will remember her mostly for her work. I’ll probably remember her for the small things she did for me, which nobody will really care about except us two.
Wir tanzen in Neualtenburg's Oktoberfest
The above picture was taken in October, 2004. Kendra (in the middle, facing to the left) was happily building the City of Neualtenburg for the upcoming Oktoberfest. That’s another way to remember Kendra: always willing to build things to entertain people. That was, in fact, what she devoted her life to, reflected obviously in all her work in real life as well as in Second Life.

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