Automated Avatars in Second Life — ‘bots 2.0?

Also, of course, “automated avatars” would make it completely impossible for Linden Lab to automatically figure out who’s a human and who’s a ‘bot 😉 thus frustrating the number of people demanding from Linden Lab to “stop allowing ‘bots in Second Life!” Indeed, such advanced AIs might only be traceable by humans, but not by a pattern-matching algorithm that goes through logs trying to find a “predictable” behaviour (ie. staying in the same sim for a long time and moving little around, not answering to chat or IM). Daden’s AI is way too clever for that and definitely interacts with other avatars and the environment beyond the ability to be tracked down by an algorithm.

Vint Falken was as enthusiastic about this as I was 🙂 Thanks for the link, Vint!

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