Excellent customer support from the Kunglers!…

I’m also not going to comment on how good the shop is or how it compares to other shops; these days, content creators are really so extraordinarily good that all shops look pretty much the same to me, with the same “must have” options (like all sorts of clever discount packs, Subscribe-o-Matic or groups to deliver “preview items” to “special” customers, and that kind of thing). The fashion business in SL is incredibly mature, and if someone’s designs are regularly featured on the major fashion blogs and e-Zines, you can expect a certain standard of quality and a degree of professionalism from all of them. Competition is fierce and nobody wishes to be left behind.

So imagine my surprise when after buying half a dozen outfits I suddenly got an IM from one of the two partners of Kunglers (AvaGardner) thanking me so much for shopping at their place, and offering me a landmark to their main shop, where they would have even more new designs. It’s been quite a while since I had had such a personalised contact in SL (if my memory doesn’t fail me, the last time was at Simone’s old shop, because Simone happened to be in-world adding things to her vendors) so I was positively impressed! The shop was by no means empty, but crowded with lots of happy customers — and I obviously teleported to the main shop, which was also full, and bought another outfit. Providing good customer experience should be rewarded, and nothing like voting with your wallet 🙂

That same day I happened to talk about this lovely experience to some friends of mine. They sort of shrugged it off; most commented that it’s pretty much impossible to track down all the sales and IM each customer with a friendly message, it’s simply worthless to take so much effort, and fashion designers cannot afford to lose time doing that, but ought to focus on what they’re good at: doing impressive designs. That’s why most use automated replies. But, well, I’m a big believer that the major virtue of Second Life is that it’s all about people, and I always felt sorry that shopping for SL content is cold, impersonal, automated, and just handled by machines. But, granted, I understand that there is a trade-off here — how much can you expect to reasonably invest in good and friendly service, instead of doing what the competition is doing, namely, launch a huge amount of new products 🙂

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