Excellent customer support from the Kunglers!…

The next day, very early in (my) morning, Kunglers’ other partner also IMed me, basically thanking me as well and sending me a new landmark 🙂 I’ve thanked back and told her that AvaGardner had also provided the same landmark — that’s how I knew it was not a “canned” response. Apparently both partners are indeed tracking down the customers and thanking them, manually and personally, for their shopping.

That’s nice, but it doesn’t stop here! I noticed that AvaGardner’s skirts were modifiable, which is a nice touch I appreciate — unlike most supermodel bodies out there, my dear old avatar has enough curves on all the wrong spots that would drive Tim Gunn insane and get Stacy London hysterical — since it means I can fit them properly. It also means that I can drop my sit-with-flexiskirt script inside. So I thought I’d send that script over to AvaGardner, thinking that she might find it useful.

Well, the next day, I didn’t have just a nice thank you from AvaGardner — she did far more, by launching a new dress on her Couture line with my name! Now that is the ultimate in friendly and nice customer support indeed! I was doubly amazed, since I had never talked to AvaGardner before in my life, I’m definitely totally out of the fashion business (so she couldn’t expect me to recommend her in any way), she very likely has absolutely no clue of who I am, and, to be honest, I didn’t spend that much on the Kungler shops — it was just a first visit, and their designs are very low priced: I’m sure I got a handful for just the price of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake (at least in my country, where both are cheap).

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