Sushi girl!

By combining the act of “taking sushi off a body” with the erotic pleasure of uncovering a female’s body, Ina thought this might be appealing as an artistic display in Second Life — and created “Inachi”, a SL-based sushi restaurant, as the environment for this to happen. Now the stage was set for a fund-raising event: after inviting superstar CodeBastard Redgrave to pose as a model/dish plate, Ina announced an auction where visitors will be able to donate funds to “eat sushi out of Codie” 🙂

Fun, you’d say. Certainly! So don’t miss the presentation at the Blackfriar’s Theatre in Second Life, on March 21, 1 PM SLT — and remember, it’s all for funding art in SL 😉

Full press release available after the break.

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