Sushi girl!

CodeBastard Redgrave is Ina Centaur's Sushi Girl

Art is about creativity, and art in Second Life, is more so 🙂 Sadly, it also means that you have to be specially creative to raise funding for art in SL.

Ina Centaur‘s SL Shakespeare Company is now legendary: for a couple of years it has produced and staged Shakespearean plays on their own SL reconstruction of The Globe, with a mix of very talented (voice) actors, performing live in front of an eager audience. Like so many of those truly remarkable experiences in SL, it also suffers from chronic lack of funding.

Ina’s creativity thus compelled her to launch a novel and surprisingly funny fund-raising event. Having been introduced to the art of nyotaimori (female body sushi, where sushi is served and eaten off the body of a female), she thought it would be quite interesting to recreate the experience in Second Life. We can’t truly “eat” in SL, but we can certainly admire an aesthetical presentation of food on top of a female avatar’s body!

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