More social microblogging – with!


At last I figured out how to publish my application key for, and this means I can release my latest mashup in a long series of gateways between Second Life and the outside world.

If you have followed my blog lately, you’ll remember my ranting about the tough task of keeping in touch with all those microblogging features, that have long left Twitter and Plurk, and completely dominate Facebook and pretty much everything these days. Status, updates, shouts, you name it, the idea is the same: your friends are eager to know about you, and each one will be connected to a different social webthingy and claim it’s “the best” — for them. Alas, online friendship requires an open mind and tolerance towards your fellow social Internetters, and this means catching up with all of them.

As said before, I cheat. It’s not humanly possible to keep in touch with 30 or 40 different social update thingies. You might prefer one or two, but still you’d like to keep the rest of your followers up to date. So what to do?

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