Second Life’s Most Read Blogs

Arminasx SaimanParticle-master ArminasX Saiman has done an extensive research job of tracking down the 200 most read blogs of Second Life®, an astonishing feat by all accounts, patiently looking up their rankings on Technorati and figuring out if they were still active or not.

While doing any list of “most read blogs” and selecting a criterium for ranking them will always be a subject to discussion, ArminasX has at least had the trouble of visiting 1800+ blogs and see if they’re still being actively updated or not.

Why is this list interesting or even useful? Second Life, unlike the real world, lacks any mass media facility — which means that it’s way harder to reach a wide audience with a targeted product or marketing campaign. Information is scattered and, in spite of the number of Second Life residents being about the same as the Netherlands’, it’s almost impossible to reach them all — or even have a clue about who is still active or not.

One of the best choices to reach your audience is thus to seek places which are visited by a substantial percentage of the resident population — even if it’s merely a blog. Granted, I still claim that less than 200,000 residents actually read any blogs at all, much less any of the list of 200 published by ArminasX — but it’s a start!

However, if you’re a marketeer looking to buy some ad space, note that while some of those blogs are purely commercial (namely the top two), many bloggers are ostensibly anti-advertising or anti-monetising of their endeavours. Others at least offer some ad space, either through Google Adsense, or even through their own system.

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