OpenSimulator 0.6.3 – The Stability Era?

Granted, I know I’m biased 🙂 I like bleeding-edge technology, specially when it works; and I’m not trying out OpenSim for “political purposes” of any sort. As I keep repeating to friends, colleagues, and clients — OpenSim is cool, it’s even useful, but forget about “a cheap alternative to Second Life”. All what you save on not paying tier to Linden Lab goes into improving the hardware and bandwidth of your own servers, and, mostly, in spending long hours in tweaking the configuration and making sure your grid is running at all.

No, I’ll avoid the age-long discussion about “open source software reducing dramatically the costs of everything”. You always trade-off costs: in this case, the cost of maintenance and hosting, for the cost of outsourcing it to Linden Lab to do it on their own grid. For some people, this looks like it’s free, since your own time to play with it as a hobby is unpaid. But for serious, professional use, someone has to get paid to maintain your OpenSim grid, and believe me, it costs way more than simply renting a private island from Linden Lab 🙂

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