Philip Linden Announces New Open Source Model for the Second Life Client

Philip Linden headshotWhen M Linden took over the CEOship at Linden Lab, many of us have been dreading what would happen with Linden Lab’s open source projects. Specially when Zero Linden sort of put his own Office Hours on the backburner for four months or so. People worried about the worst, except for the Luddite gang, of course, which was happy to see open source efforts to become a lower priority.

Then after a few months we heard about the standardisation effort at the IETF level to get a single inter-grid protocol — MMOX. So at least we knew that they hadn’t abandoned it.

But then we went through the Kirsten’s Viewer drama and the follow-up with the OpenLife Viewer drama. And it was clear that all these viewers out there have different agendas, different purposes in mind, different ideas on where to go with LL’s source code… and also different interpretations on licensing 🙂

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