Second Life Resident Choice Awards Are Out!

First of all, to be fair, congratulations to the winners of Linden Lab’s Second Life Resident Choice Awards on all categories and all languages — and congratulations, too, to the 6,000 that have patiently gone through the long list of categories and managed to fill in all SLURLs to complete your vote. Not an easy task!

These kinds of events — “bikini contests”, as my roomie Moon Adamant calls them — are always fun to watch, specially in the aftermath, where you can finally find out who is able to mobilise a larger number of voters. But Linden Lab was, at least, honest about the contest: it was not the contest for “best anything”, but somehow a mix of “best”, “favourite”, and, in LL’s words, “the coolest, cleverest, weirdest, fun-est, and most inspiring in-world” things.

Running for about three weeks, which is a short time considering that there were 35 categories (some of them insanely odd, like “favourite prim food artist” [???]), it’s interesting to see that it managed to attract the patience of 6,000 residents. A success for such an awkward contest in any case! I have no doubt that a better process would gather a far larger audience of voters, but I’m still surprised — after patiently starting to fill out the form, I gave up after about 10 categories. It simply took too much time. And some categories, of course, I had no idea what to put in them (what is the “best place to be emo”??? I have no clue, and what kind of “emos” are we thinking about? I remember I used to go to the gardens at Clementina when I wanted to take a break, was sad, and wished to think about nothing, but can I seriously claim that this 2003-old-garden is the “best place”, no matter what criteria I used?).

So, clearly, this was a messy way of running a “contest”.

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