Pushing the limits

I do really have a lot to talk about — the past two weeks in Second Life® have brought so much change that I’ve simply been unable to write anything much about it 🙂 … and, well, unfortunately my colleagues and clients hate when I blog instead of a) sleeping; b) doing some work for them, so I’ve tried to refrain myself from writing much…

But at least I have to share with you something. Great changes are ahead for the SL client (and hopefully for the simulator software too). We’re not going to see much yet about those, because 2009 is still a “stability” year for Linden Lab, which means that most of their teams are focusing on making everything more stable.

2010, however, will be a year for dramatic changes.

And how dramatic? Well… I’ve been given a sneak preview and been heavilly NDA’d not to talk about it. Breathtaking simply doesn’t describe it properly. But I can safely say that you can forget about all and any competition until late 2011. They will have zero chance of catching up. In fact, if I were drowning in venture capital as all those SL-wannabees seem to be, I’d drop all development, start downloading the latest SL client from the open source repositories, and don’t waste investors’ funding into a stupid new product that nobody will use after 2 or 3 years. I’d put all that money to beat SL with… SL itself (and yes, that would mean developing a “competing product” using the code base from the SL client, and, of course, OpenSim).

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