Obama becomes second President to use Second Life as a dissemination tool

I’ve failed to keep in touch with the cool things happening in Second Life®, and this one definitely was quite an encouraging one: US President Barack Obama, while on his state visit in Ghana, streamed his address to audiences in Second Life and Metaplace, something which for some reason failed to escape the watchful eyes of most of the mainstream media.

Thankfully, we can rely on our faithful in-world journalists Draxtor Despres and PalUP Ling to keep us up to date with the breaking news:

One month after Portugal’s own President effectively became the first nation’s president to address an audience in a virtual world, comparisons are obvious. Crap Mariner very thoughtfully claims that Barack Obama was not in SL at all; Crap’s argument is that basically this was just the work of Obama’s political spin doctors. Obama might not even have been aware that his speech in Ghana was being streamed at all.

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