Step UP! for Content Creation Theft Awareness

stepuplogocopyThe untiring Gwen Carillon, one of the best jewelry creators in Second Life, and the long-time president of the Content Creators Association, a SL organisation “to support, inform and assist creators in protection of original content and other content related issues”, has launched a new project: Step UP! for Content Creators, a new way to raise awareness for content creation theft in Second Life.

Gwen, perhaps unlike many others, is a firm believer in a positive approach to the whole issue, that is, to find solutions to problems and get people to spread the word about what can be done. Just infusing terror in people’s minds usually doesn’t lead to good results — it just raises their anger, frustration, and anxiety levels. I’m sure that Linden Lab is not totally unaware of the issue of content theft; they’re just a bit misguided perhaps, and probably not sure what steps to take beyond what they already have announced. Since 2006 that CopyBot and similar tools are forbidden and considered a ToS violation. DMCA claims on copyright violations are hard to file but have been an option since then (and Gwen’s CCA has always helped content creators to file their claims). Since this hardly prevented the widespread copy of unauthorised content, Linden Lab has released a roadmap for dealing with the issue of content piracy.

But so far this hasn’t proven to be too successful. Read more for the latest horror stories.

And, of course, a solution.

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