Step UP! day is today

step-upAfter the huge launch by Linden Lab yesterday, addressing the real life business market, it’s time to get back in-world, and make sure that content theft doesn’t get more widespread, by making sure that everybody knows what it’s all about — including, of course, our dear Lindens 🙂

For that, a group of residents (which has quite grown lately!!) has been promoting November 5th as the Step UP! day. It’s very simple: on this day, content creators refuse to upload any textures to SL (thus avoiding that LL gets all these hundreds of  thousands of daily L$10 transactions), wears a ribbon, places a kiosk on their land/shop, and tries to get a huge orange ribbon to be placed on the sky, where it ought to get picked up by the Linden Map “sweeper”. At the very least, this should show some nice effects on the map, and make people ask why suddenly there are so many orange ribbons floating around in SL!

You can get a bit of more information on their official blog or join the Ning community. I’m adding here some of the information that has been circulating around the grid in notecards, available on any Step UP! kiosk you can see.

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